Environmental Integrity Group. A coalition or negotiating alliance consisting of Mexico, Switzerland, South Korea, and the European principalities of Lichtenstein and Monaco. The group was formed in 2000, after the negotiations of the Kyoto Protocol at COP4 in Buenos Aires, since countries not part of any bloc that came out of these negotiations were shut out of certain conversations. The group was a Swiss initiative, and is generally lead and coordinated by Switzerland today. At COP21 in Paris, the group is aiming for a legally binding deal with “broad participation”, that is refusing any hard division between rich (Annex I) countries and the poor. They argue for the CBDR principle in light of different national circumstances (see CBDR/RC) - urging emerging economies with their increasing emissions to take some responsibility. This small group (along with others) could potentially give the European Union, as a "bridge-builder" in UN climate talks, a run for their money.