Intended nationally determined contributions. INDCs have been chosen as the vehicle for governments' national contributions to the COP21 Paris agreement. They include, for example, details on the country's pledged emission reductions and can also include other action plans covering areas such as adaptation to climate change. Countries have agreed that there will be no back-tracking or back-sliding in their contributions, meaning that the ambition-level to reduce emissions should increase over time (see also Progression principle). Each country is supposed to submit their INDC ahead of the Paris conference. The INDCs are going to be the most important building blocks of the agreement expected to come out of the conference. Some countries, such as the Like Minded Developing Countries (LMDCs), have said that these actions plans are supposed to be "nationally determined" and will therefore not agree to an outside review (see A&R). 


All submitted INDCs are available on the UNFCCC website:
(assessment of INDCs)